WASPA / ISPA redactions

Submitted by Jeff on Tue, 22/08/2023 - 08:42

The process is very simple, but a bit time-consuming and tedious.

Main point of this article is to provide RegEx (regular expressions) which may be used for various purposes.

Also see https://forum.ff.co.za/documentation/trim-mailman-archive-data-deletion….

The most common lookup is going to be for a single day when the emails to be redacted can be found within the 24 hour period.

To search for all emails in a specific archive DAY, say 30 March 2023, you will enter:

Mar 30 [0-9:]+ 2023

To search for all emails in a specific archive MONTH, say 1 - 31 March 2023, you will enter:

Mar ([0-2][0-9]|(3)[0-1]) [0-9:]+ 2023

Search for all redacted emails in an archive:


Search for all emails with a SPAM score higher than 10:

X-Spam-Status: Yes, score=[1-9][0-9].[0-9]

(Anything higher than 10 is almost certainly SPAM, but there may be some false-positives.)

The basic steps are illustrated, in order, in the clickable image slideshow below.

N.B.: It is important to know that the mailing list archives will not reflect the redactions immediately. They will only show up after the archive has been rebuilt at  scheduled intervals, after hours (schedule still to be decided).